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Life Is What You Make Of It!

My name is Alexander and love to inspire people. It is great to have you here! Some friends got to know me as #axelgoeswild when I was traveling around the world. Recently, I started writing a novel about world-traveling and happiness. It would be my greatest pleasure to inspire you on my website, my blog and defenitely reading my debut novel “Asking One Question“.

In my book, I’m writing about Axel Fritz who was a successful sales professional in IT industry. One day, he decided to quit his job and to sell all his belongings. He left his home in Germany to live out of his backpack and to meet interesting people around the globe. Repeatedly, he asked one question to find inspiration about the meaning of happiness and to finally discover his own individual essence.

The answers are taken from twenty-five real conversations the author had with people and friends during his travels.

A must read for travel enthusiasts and everybody who wants to be happier. Order my novel “Asking One Question” on Amazon now.

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Alexander Okl, born in 1987, grew up in Friedberg, Bavaria, Germany. He graduated with a degree in Business Administration in Augsburg, Germany and Entrepreneurship in Lund, Sweden. He lived and worked in England and has traveled to over 33 countries. After university, he worked in sales for one of the biggest global tech companies. Then, he decided to quit his job and sell his material possessions to gain new experiences backpacking around the world for six months. He loves to inspire people.


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