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Asking One Question – A Story about Traveling the World & Finding Meaning and Happiness. By Alexander Okl.

You may ask, why someone would write a book about his travels? There are plenty of books about traveling and happiness in bookstores available.

Yes – that’s true and you are absolutely right. While traveling the world, I never had the idea to write a book – I just informally blogged. The idea to write a book came later, when I was back home in Germany. Friends motivated me. They wanted more background, more inspiration, more stories, more reflections and more learnings. That is what I share.

I already had some ideas in mind that I could bring on paper, so I decided to write about what is important to me and every human: Happiness. We all pursue happiness, each of us in a different way. Interestingly, pursuit of happiness is not long lasting. I learned that happiness cannot be pursued. Instead, it must ensue. Happiness starts to happen from thinking a different way. It is not always easy to identify what kind of thinking is best for you. We often lack examples of how to think to become happy. It is not unusual that people wonder, what does happiness actually mean?

Life is short and we can only be happy during our limited time. Imagine, you only live about 28,000 days on this planet. It sounds harsh but your days are numbered. I traveled the world to live my life the way I want. I want to make use of every day given. I did what I loved and what made me happy. I am convinced that you can also do what you really love! Do what makes you happy. Take action now! Make your life more joyful! Life is what you make of it! In my book, you may find your answer to happiness by inspiration form 25 selected people from around the world. Read it and long-lasting happiness will ensue for you as well!


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I wish everyone may have the opportunity to travel the world. I consider myself a lucky guy. And I took the chance to travel the world, since life is what you make of it! I sold everything that I owned but my backpack. The trip started, and I started collecting experiences. Writing a blog was a good way to reflect the many days and I put my experiences into words. It was also a useful tool to stay in touch with home and to make family and friends part of my experiences. I was worried that reading my blog would probably be a little boring, since I didn’t put as much time into writing as I could have. I preferred to travel instead. Hence, blogging was pretty much chronological content writing. I wrote about countries, cities, hostels, people, new friends, car accidents, bus rides and dangerous downhill bike rides. Sometimes, when there was more time for writing, I also presented my reflections, learnings and feelings. I wrote about what happiness means to others and myself. These reflecting posts generated the greatest inspirations within my visitor base and they initiated very valuable feedback from my readers. They were inspired and I was pleased. Later, back home, several friends asked if I will write a bookwith exaclty more content about my reflections, learnings and feelings. I was hesitant at first. Then I thought “Yes – I have a story to tell to the world.” And I decided to write a novel to inspire even more people in an entertaining way. I would be very happy to inspire you too. Become part of the “Asking One Question” story and learn about the perception happiness from people all around the world.

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Interview - Asking One Question [Happiness]


Storyline & Happiness

A novel inspired by a true story.

Axel Fritz is a successful sales professional in the IT industry. One day, he decided to quit his job and sell all his belongings. He left his home in Germany to live with only a backpack and to meet interesting people around the globe. Repeatedly, he asked one question to find inspiration about the meaning of happiness in order to finally discover his own individual definition of it and to live a happier life.

The short stories are taken from twenty-five real conversations the author had with people and friends during his travels.

A must-read for travel enthusiasts and anybody who wants to live a happier life.


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