Photography. Catching The Moment.

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Catching the Moment with a Photograph

I love photography. And I love to inspire people with photographs. My grandma gave me an analog camera when I was only five years old. From the very beginning, I was fascinated. Comparing the photographs we took back then to the pictures we can take today, we have reached a different level. In fact, we have even reached a different world. This beautiful world we are living in today – I yearned to photograph it. My digital camera joined me traveling and we took pictures of beautiful places and local people all around the globe. I was constantly searching for the best view, the most innovative perspective, the brightest colors. Thus, I became a “viewfinder”. To me, photography is an expression of what I see through my eyes. It is what I realize and feel in my mind. The emotions generated in a real world – framed digitally in pixels.

Photography is catching the very moment of emotions to inspire people. Traveling around the world presents many occasions to capture what is so unique and different from what we know from home. You can dive into another world. Be inspired and get my debut novel “Asking One Question” now on Amazon.

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Art-Gallery of the World Round Trip

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Art Gallery

Inspiration for the Book

Writing a travel blog comes with pictures. One includes them into the post. It is easier to deliver emotions and feelings with pictures compared to pure text in a novel. A novel must use descriptive words to allow the readers to get a clearer image in their mind. And still, what I saw with my eyes was the foundation for what is written in my debut novel. Find more details about my book “Asking One Question” here.